Book 18 was an awful book. Don't help turn Tui from a billionaire into a trillionaire by buying this terrible book.


0/10 do not buy.


Tsunami and Clay have been fighting ever since the War of Watery Mud, but something has escalated the fight.


Part 1: Borderline InsaneEdit

This part focused on the current affairs of the SeaWings and their ongoing border conflict with the WingWings.

Part 2: Fall of a QueenEdit

Clay went rogue and killed Tsunami by throwing Peril at her because he loved the now-executed Webs.

Part 3: AftermathEdit

Meanwhile, Whirlpool was playing with his and Tsunami's kids, who were miserable at their mom's/wife's death.

That's literally the only thing that happened. You can go home now.


  • It is the worst WoF book ever.
  • Matau99 is believed to have fainted and had to go to the hospital after finishing it. After waking up, he wrote this review.
  • Tui ignored Clay's feelings for the watermelon the entire book.
  • Please do not buy this book.
  • Tui went blind making this book, because It was so bad.
  • Tui is also gay.


Tsunami the SeaWing queen and Aviary the WingWing queen were arguing. They were very mad. Lots of mean things were said. Stuff got thrown. Then Aviary died! Tsunami was sad. She did not mean for Aviary to die. She put Aviary's body in a coffin and cried a lot. Then she put the coffin into the sea and let it float away.


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