The CandyWings are dragons that are made of candy. They lack any sort of fighting skills or superior knowledge. However, they seem to be able to sustain their tribe with a candy-formed environment. They also have a strange ability to never have a stomach ache, with the suspected exception of Queen Candy, whose death appeared to have no origin.


CandyWings are typically brightly colored, much like the DerpWings, though dragons that represent cocoa sweeets have dark brown scales. However, Queen Chocolate has, oddly enough, neon purple scales along her back, tail, and wings, and a light blue belly and head. The CandyWings all have stubby legs and thick wing membrane made of marshmallows, no matter what kind of candy they represent. Their tribe is often overlooked as weak and lazy, and when noticed, they are frowned upon because of their strange traditions and plump build.


The CandyWings can regenerate rather quickly after being eaten, and they can shoot a freezing-mint breath. Most can live their entire lives without once having a stomach ache, even though their main diet consists of candy.


typical candywing

Known DragonsEdit

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