The DeathWings are deadly black and white dragons that can change their coloring from black to white. Their queen, Queen Swordfight, is trapped in a cage by the BombWings.

Description Edit

DeathWings have huge, bulky bodies that can crush any dragon in their path by barreling into them. They can change their body color, but unlike RainWings, they are limited to black and white. There are sharp black spikes along their backs, and they have dark ram horns that can be black or stormy gray. DeathWings have giant wings and large, sharp claws. They are described by Queen Fatespeaker of the GalaxyWings (see "The Great NightWing Takeover") as "giant killing machines that will CRUSH US ALL!". Our dragon scientists think that, from previous observations, she was being over-dramatic, but the DeathWings want to keep that a secret, as they like being called as such.

Appearances Edit

DeathWings appear in the epilogue of book 19, and then in Winglets 20, when Fatespeaker and the GalaxyWings help them in a battle to rescue their queen from the BombWings.

Personality Edit

DeathWings are trained when young as assassins, and they keep the smaller ones for the job. DeathWings are very brutal and power-hungry and love to hunt animals and other dragons for sport. They do, however, in book 19, agree to stop killing other dragons unless they have to.

Known DeathWings Edit

Queen Swordfight

King Dagger

Prince Javelin

Prince Jumpscare

Princess Night







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