FedoraWings are very vain and fashionable. They are allied with FurnitureWings, due to both of their love of fashion.

Description Edit

FedoraWings are always seen wearing fedoras. They have eye colors ranging from blue to green to brown. Their scales are tan and black, with some exceptions (Royalty is a vibrant orange and blue). They have short, stocky horns and small wings.

Personality Edit

FedoraWings are often conceived very vain. They always wear fedoras to cover their horns, which they are very embarrassed of due to the fact that they are hot pink with violet polka dots. They love fashion, and are always trying to get other tribes to be fashionable, too. They also dislike MudWings' traditions, because FedoraWings would never jump into a pool of mud and ruin their beautiful scales.

Appearances Edit

FedoraWings have not made any appearances yet, but they have been said to appear in books 27-30.

Known FedoraWings Edit

Queen Fashion

King Hat

Princess Rim



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