FishWings are small sea dragons that secretly thrive among the SeaWings, like birds around rinoceri. They are not very important, but they wish to be.


Adult FishWings are about the size of a scavenger, with blue, green, or purple scales. They have long fins that are unsuitable for flying and gills under their short ears. They have a tail fin that can move side to side like fish tails, but they can also move up and down like a dolphin's. Their eyes are completely iris with no white at all, and usually yellow or light green.


There were about three FishWings in Book 18, but they were not very important and Tsunami eventually sent them off on an impossible journey, from which they never returned. Later, in Winglets: Chairs and Air, a few FishWings were swimming around in a watermelon for no reason. However, in Book 39, it is predicted that a FishWing, bearing no name, will try and stop the RoboWings from taking over. Everyone knows he will fail.

Known FishWingsEdit

There are no known FishWings yet.