Flora the abandoned, lives on the island of life, where she is never disturbed. She lives alone, aside from the inhabiting animals and plant life. Not a single life source dies, without her knowing.

Personality Edit

Flora is a very loving and caring dragon. She has room in her heart for every living creature, good or bad. She is closest with a fox named sparky. She treats this fox as her own.

Appearance Edit

Flora is green, and is covered in plant life and flowers. When her wings are fully spread out, they have a span of 50 feet. They are coated in flowers, like azaleas and lavender. She has two horns, on her head, that have vines wrapping around them. No one quite knows where she came from.

Role Edit

Flora plays an important role as the guardian of the island of life. She is the sole protector of life itself, and her one known family remember, is Muerte, her brother.