Appearance Edit

FuryWings are usually a shiny bronze, with undertones of gold, iron, silver, or copper. Their underbellies and wings vary in color, ranging from bright gold to dull gray steel, but always the color of metals. they have thick straight horns and their scales are large, getting smaller around the eyes. if they are an animus dragon, they have golden lightning-shaped scales by their eyes.

Quite a few of the furyWings have battle scars, from all the battles they have fought, both from their own previous (small) civil wars and from fighting their neighbors, the InvisWings (Wip) for territory. some of the FuryWings are usualy covered in rock dust from mining out their homes

Abilities Edit

Most FuryWings are wiry and strong from years inn the mines, so they are stronger than a lot of dragons. they have serrated claws, rather like an IceWings, though some are half as sharp because they dont bother to sharpen their claws anymore. They, depending on what time they hatched (At least one full moon), can see into the pst, though it is limited to a month in the past, no more, no less.

History Edit

FuryWings were originaly where the NightWings were located in Darkstalker's time, but they were driven down underground, which became their permanent home. they hardky came up to the surface, instead breeding their own prey and growing and eating the edible fungi found in the underground caverns they inhabited. they grew, mining out new tunnels, until they encountered the InvvisiWings in a tunnel. they attempted peace treaties, but they failed, due to furywings and the inviswings fighting over tunnels, food, ect.