is a CheeseWing soldier and Queen Mozzarella's best friend. She becomes well-known after saving King Gouda's life.

Mozzarella, in return, gave her a home in the palace, and promoted her to Second-in-command

Background Information
Main Attribute Bright yellow color
Elemental Attribute Air/wind
Theme Animal Canada Goose:Large, Appears harmless, but defensive when protection her own
Theme Color Canary Yellow
Theme Song [Song of Cheese]
MBTI Personality ENFJ
Character Information
Age 21
Gender Female
Orientation Idk
Occupation Second-in-command
Tribe CheeseWings
Goal Protect her best friend
Residence Cheese Palace
Relatives Mom-Pepperjack
Allies Queen Mozzarella, King Gouda
Enemies Queen Fire, General Explosion
Powers and abilities Like any CheeseWing
Weapons Her own claws
Ships  ?
I'm humbled. type here


Bright yellow, purple eyes. She does not have the horn most CheeseWings  have on their noses.


Macaroni goes to an oracle, feeling something is wrong. The oracle says an enemy will try to kill someone really close to her. She tells this to Queen Mozzarella , who tells her to stand guard extra closely. Despite that, she does not really believe her. She just wants her best friend to protect her, even though Macaroni always had an extrem loyalty to the queen. When they were younger, she (being much larger than Mozzarella ) woould protect Mozzarella from the harsh rock storms that hit the Cheese Kingdom once a month.

After Clay is imprisoned by the king, he warns King Gouda of an incoming assassination attempt. Gouda ignores him, thinking the MudWing is just being stupid. Sure enough, Queen Fire comes, lured by a rope and holding a blood-stained dagger in her talons. Luckily, Macaroni is able to knock the knife out of her hand and send Queen Fire back to the Bomb Kingdom. Queen Mozzarella is especially grateful for her best friend, who had always been there throughout her life.

Queen Mozzarella barely knows how to repay her, but then she realizes that she needs a second-in-command, and who could be better for a second-in-command then her best friend? So, she becomes her second-in-command.


  • Second-in-command also mean that she is the queen when the real queen is away. So far, that has not happened yet.
  • Her cow is named Dusty.
  • She is single and has no interest in anyone.
  • Her bedroom in the palace is right next to Mozzarella's
  • She is humble, and feels that Queen Mozzarella didn't need to give her so much.


There, there, you're safe now.

Well, I can't stand around and watch my close friend get killed!

I'm humbled.

I couldn't have done it without you, Mozza.

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