"Don't worry, Jumpscare. Everything's under control-- AARGHH!"

Prince Javelin is a prince of the DeathWings and the brother of Prince Jumpscare. He is an expert weaponist and assassin.

Biography Edit

Book 19 Edit

Prince Javelin is seen in the epilogue, throwing a wickedly sharp knife at a target in the arena, then leaving as his father, King Dagger, calls upon him to help deal with the GalaxyWings .

Winglets: Battles Edit

During Winglets 20, Javelin is visited by Dagger and Fatespeaker, the PoV, who examine the shape of his army before they go to battle with the BombWings.

Description Edit

Javelin, age 9 and 1/2, is like most DeathWings, although he is small for his age and has red claws, said to be painted with blood when he was born. He is always armed with some type of weapon.

Personality Edit

Javelin is fierce but loyal, and he always wants to get in a fight. When he succeeds, he almost always wins.

He has a close relationship with his siblings, Jumpscare and Night, and almost never leaves their side.


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