Prince Whopper is the son of Queen Chocolate and King Mint. He is very responsible, and vows to help his sister rule the kingdom once their mother is obliterated in some way. Whopper does not like his mother very much, because he thinks she is a weak queen, contrary to others' beliefs.

Appearances Edit

Prince Whopper is in every single CandyWings book, so we're not going to say which ones he's in. He's usually ordering around subjects and sometimes briefly confronts the POV's, saying something like "What are you doing here?" or "I am Prince Whopper, I assume you are here to see my mother. They always are." In other words, he is not really that fond of other tribes.

Description Edit

He is a chocolate color, as he represents a chocolate candy.

Personality Edit

He is very loyal to his sister and his two friends, but not to many other dragons. He is not very friendly or kind to new dragons he meets. However, he does obtain his manners (like not shouting during suppertime). Whopper is seen by some of the other dragons as slightly crazy or headstrong.