Queen Chocolate is the current queen of the CandyWings. She is hyper and sweet. Her husband is King Mint. She has a daughter named Princess Candycane, who she is constantly prepping for the throne.


Strangely, she is not brown, but is pastel rainbow. Her eyes are a deep brown, just like chocolate itself,and are rimmed in umber.


She is sometimes described as the best queen of Pyrrhia, as she is a fair and just ruler as well as a kind and caring dragon. She does lack military skills and has no ambition for war, but she lets her general do battles for her. However, Chocolate is gullible and prone to stupid decisions that may hurt her in the long run...

Book 20Edit

Chocolate takes over being queen when her mother, Queen Candy (who was not old) mysteriously dies in her sleep. She was depressed, but, through her tears, took the oath at her coronation.