Queen Fashion is the Queen of the FedoraWings. She usually wears a blue fedora with a single pink flower, and she is always ordering her subjects around.

Description Edit

Queen Fashion wears blue or purple fedoras, always with some type of flower. She has the horns of the FedoraWings, of which she is ashamed of, and has incredibly tiny wings.

Bio Edit

Book 16 Edit

Queen Fashion is seen in this book by Glory, who travels to meet some of the stranger tribes. Fashion and her daughter, Princess Rim (King Hat is out admiring his new fedora), are envious of the RainWing's beautiful colors. They try to make hats that are everchanging rainbows, but they have not yet succeeded. As far as we know, they are still trying.

Personality Edit

Queen Fashion is extremely vain and colorful, and very stubborn. She never gives up on anything that has to do with herself, but she instantly dismisses any of her subjects' protests and needs, not unlike many of the ex-RainWing queens. She is described by Glory as "selfish and frankly, stupid".