Queen Flap is the Queen of the WingWings. Her husband is King Membrane, and her daughter is Princess Hover. She first appears in Winglets 14, Chairs and Air, the winglet that solely focused on the WingWingsand FurnitureWings, through her daughter's POV. Her daughter idolizes her, as she rules with iron talons. She is a much better queen than Queen Sofa, who stays locked in her palace for the majority of hours that she is awake and only wants to be queen so she can be pampered. Secretly, though, she knows that her daughter greatly covets her throne.


She looks like an older version of Princess Hover, with orange eyes that have hollows underneath them, formed by hours of exhausting queen work. She has a slight difference from her daughter, an extra talon on her left claw.


  • If Princess Hover tried to kill her, she would create a storm to blow her off a cliff.
  • Her right horn is always adorned with flowers.
  • King Membrane thinks she is too nice,but he still deeply loves her.