RoboWings are extremely high-tech dragons from the NotActuallyDragonsWings group. They were built by the NightWings in the Rainforest Kingdom, with the guidance of the AncientWings, who have all died out by now. They are all loaded with a lot of intelligence, so much that they know all of Pyrrhia's secrets, though they will not share them for the greater good of Pyrrhia. They are considered mean, but really, they are mostly trying to honest.

RoboWings are mostly an unknown species because they are really dangerous when they need to be, and they don't want to be studied or well-known. Like the NightWings, they want to remain a closely-kept secret.


RoboWings were originally a secret project the NightWings were working on in the Rainforest. They were entitled "RoboAssassins" as a plot to overthrow Queen Glory. One day, the programming went wrong and the RoboAssassins became sentient robot dragons. They flew off to find themselves a new home, and built other robot dragons. Eventually they came to be known as RoboWings, introvertive but dangerous cyborgs.


RoboWings have silver and copper colored "scales", or protective plates, made of different metals. They each have one red cyborg eye that gives the impression of anger or irritatedness. Their wings are made of a thin layer of lithium or aluminum. RoboWings also have hidden spikes in their tails that they can shoot and impale enemies with, like porcupines.


They have been known for certain to shoot deadly lasers, and have built-in machine guns. They probably have more powers, but they choose not to reveal them.

Known RoboWingsEdit

  • Queen Data
  • King Mechanism
  • Princess Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Titanium


Tui said that the RoboWings will take over Pyrrhia in book 39.