StupidWings are a tribe introduced in Book 14. They were called "the dumbest dragons in Pyrrhia" by Starflight.

StupidWings can be black, white, gray, or brown, and they have only one horn that comes out of the center of their head and goes up in a cone, and has the word "DUNCE" on it. These are referred to as their "dunce caps". Their eyes are derped apart from each other, and are white with black pupils and no iris. StupidWings talk in a deep, garbled voice, and have a language somewhat separate from normal Pyrrhian. "Me go party-party in glowing red stuff!" is a quote from a StupidWing. The glowing red stuff was lava, and the StupidWing did not live much longer. StupidWings are very stupid, as their name implies, and tend to try to party in dangerous places or make friends with monsters or crazy evil dragons. They have names based around stupidity, such as Idiot, Dunce, and Dummy.