TarantulaWings are a tribe made by meh. Please do not steal or use without permission. Thank you.


TarantulaWings are dusky dark brown most of the time, with hair-like spines running down their back, limbs, wings, and underbelly. They have slightly venomous fangs that cause pain and discomfort to another dragon, but do not affect another dragon of the tribe. They seem to have pointed, cruel faces and jagged, uneven horns. They have short claws that are strong and only good for climbing up trees, smooth surfaces, no matter what they are made of. Some say their claws are even stronger than diamonds. They do not have strong bones, however, and instead have a very hard layer of thick scales and very flexible but breakable bones.

TarantulaWings can have yellowish glints between their scales, or reddish tints to their eyes. Most have lighter sepia, dusty yellow, gray, white, or burgundy bands running along their arms, legs, and wings. Royal TarantulaWings are larger, and have venom twice as strong as a regular one's. But royals tend to be bulky and a fraction slower than normal, so they cannot usually rely on speed in a fight or dangerous situation. TarantulaWings may seem scary, but they are known to be kind to dragons in need.


TarantulaWings have painful but not fatal venom, but few have the remarkable ability to have the option be able to use either the regular venom, or healing venom. The healers, usually called "Health-Bringers", are valued and respected. The queen has the ability to entirely control her own army, if the dragon has willingly pledged their permission and loyalty properly and honestly to their leader. Other royals have minor control over some, and usually cannot do it for over half an hour. All have the ability to create silk from their claws, which is used to create comfortable hammocks, rugs, mats, and webs for a home. Albino TarantulaWings are rare, and can move very fast and are slim, agile, and very accurate at striking.


Flexible but weak bones, bright sunlight, fire, but cannot be burned. Fire just weakens them, and temporarily blinds them as if sunlight would. TarantulaWings usually are only seen living in dark caves, for their excellent night vision but poor vision in daylight. They sometimes come out on cloudy days, sunrise, sunset, or dusk/night.