I created a new dragon tribe. The TechnologyWings! I will describe them to you.

Appearance: Black, silver, white, or light blue scales. Glow-in-the-dark stripes across their bodies. Large and muscular. Two pairs of powerful wings, rather than one pair.

Abilities: Can shoot lightning-like bolts from their mouths. Read minds. Make various things appear from thin air.

Advantages: Most dragon tribes tend to avoid them, thus leaving the Queen and land in peace. If a TechnologyWing is killed, another TechonologyWing can revive him/her.

Disadvantages: The dragon tribes that DON'T avoid TechnologyWings kidnap many TechnologyWing dragonets, which is why many TechnologyWings are grown ups. TechnologyWings can't live for more than 50 years.

History: The old queen, Queen Metal, was ruling peacefully for over 20 years, when suddenly, a group of scavengers killed her. The heir to the throne, Princess Electricity, grieved upon hearing of her mother's death. But she soon recovered and became Queen Electricity of the TechnologyWings. Her cruel sister, Princess Fuse, wants to snatch the throne from her. Princess Fuse wasn't able to snatch the throne until Queen Electricity "accidentally" died. Princess Fuse poisoned Queen Electricity's lunch on their birthday. (The sisters are twins) Princess Fuse was going to become Queen Fuse, but got seriously ill and died. Who is the Queen now? A random TechnologyWing called Click, now known as Queen Click. She loves her tribe, and her tribe loves her back.

Known TechnologyWings:

Queen Metal

Queen Electricity

Princess Fuse

Queen Click