Tootsie Roll, more commonly known simply as Tootsie, is a CandyWing unlike any other. She is described as "too thoughtful" by her cousin, Prince Whopper . Tootsie is distrusted by her tribe and is therefore considered unworthy of the title of princess. She had dreams of becoming an engineer before she found out there was nothing to build with for miles except candy.


Tootsie has chocolate-brown scales on her back and tail, like most Cocoas. Her wing scales are slightly darker, and her wing membrane is made of fluffy marshmallows. Tootsie Roll's underbelly is a cream color. Her eye color is a hypnotising violet shade. Round spikes line her back, resembling brown M&Ms.


Tootsie Roll first appeared in Book 20 briefly as a young dragonet. When Pricklypants was visiting the Candy Kingdom, she noticed Tootsie Roll being shunned by the rest of the tribe, and later working furiously on a scavenger vehicle while Queen Candy's funeral was being held. Tootsie Roll also played a role disguised as a DeathWing during their battle, although she was discovered when her mask fell off and she regenerated after being killed by an opponent.