TopHatWings love pasta! In fact, they are they best cooks in the world! They live in a jelly jar, and their diet

consists of waterbeds and pianos made of blueberry juice.

They are the sworn enemies of the FedoraWings, and believe themselves to be far more fashionable. They are typically black or white, with short tails and long legs. Their eyes are always color changing, and their horns are almost flat, but curve up a bit to hold the top hat that they always wear to their head. It is considered disrespectful for any TopHatWing to remove their tophat, and doing so will result in an accusation of being a spy for the FedoraWings, which always results in banishment.


  • Every TopHatWing Queen in history is named Bowtie, because the creator is lazy.
  • All the other dragons are named BaseBallCap because reasons.

Members (Add your own! XD)Edit

Queen Bowtie

Queen Bowtie II

Queen Bowtie III

Queen Bowtie IV

Queen Bowtie V


BaseBallCap II

BaseBallCap III