Appearence Edit

Treewings are triple the size of Morrowseer and have a vine for a tail with several thorns at the end, they have branches with leaves for wings.And they have roots for talons and have tree trunks for their back legs and their body. Their front legs are huge massive bulbous trunks that look like clubs, and their head and neck are tree trunks, they are often seen standing on their hind legs and look just like trees.

Abilites Edit

Treewings have superdragon strength, they can stand on their hind legs and if threatened can use their massive bulbous front legs like clubs. Treewings also have massive lungs and can hold their breath about a day, they photosynthesize during the day so they have no need to eat and are nocturnal. Treewings also have long life spans some of them over 1,000 years old.

Weaknesses Edit

Treewings are very scared of fire, they are very slow and will die from not being in a forest for too long.

History Edit

The Treewings used to live onthe continent before the scorching. Their ancestors started to evolve at a rapid rate making 2 species, Leafwings and Treewings. The other tribes frightened of the Treewings power drove them of the continet into the ocean with fire because Treewings are deathly afraid of fire. The Treewings eventually found an island and rested on it exiled from Pyrrhia and started to build a home there, it was a beautiful lush island with beautful forests that the Treewings call home. The other tribes frightened that the Treewings would come back for revenge one day went to more secluded places and eventually forgot about them.