• The Wing Kingdom is home to the magnificent WingWings, and floats up in the sky, resting among the clouds. It is so high that only four-winged dragons can reach it, and since the WingWings are the only four-winged dragons, they cannot be attacked, and are therefore invincible.


    The Wing Kingdom is divided into four territories: the Royal Territory, the City, the Prison, and the Undiscovered Lands. Technically the Undiscovered Lands are clouds, but it sounds better that way. The Royal Territory consists of the Palace, the Royal Hatchery, and a flight academy for nobles' dragonets. King Membrane and his family reside in the Palace, along with their most trusted advisors and knights. The Royal Hatchery is right next to the Palace, but it is not very full because WingWings only have eggs every three years. Besides the academy, there is also a short stretch of cloud for future building.

    The City is home for non-royalty or noble dragons. They have built a village, a hatchery, and a local cloud garden that sustains city life. It is supposedly a very comfortable place. The Prison is a mile from the City, and is where all the traitors and invaders that manage to get into the Wing Kingdom.